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Home Refinance

Timely, Accurate Home Mortgage Rates

Making your best decision on refinancing involves many variables. We respect that. So we connect you with a qualified, experienced Colonial Mortgage Loan Advisor.

This professional will help you access the most accurate and up-to-date mortgage refinance rates available through our proprietary systems.


Contact a Colonial Mortgage Loan Advisor for Today's Rates

A Colonial Mortgage professional will provide you with the most appropriate rates for your situation and answer your questions in detail.

How to Refinance a Mortgage

When you decide to refinance your home loan, our experts are here to help you through the loan process.

Refinancing your home is, in many ways, a similar process to qualifying for a mortgage. Depending on which refinancing loan option you choose, the list of required documents may change, but generally, you'll need to submit:

  • Proof of income: In order to qualify you for a loan, you'll need to show original pay stubs for the last 30 days.
  • Copy of homeowners insurance: Verifies that you have current and sufficient coverage on your home.
  • Copies of your W-2 forms: Verifies past employment and income history.
  • Copies of asset information: These can include statements of savings, checking and 401(k) accounts and investment records for mutual funds or stocks.

After you've turned in all the necessary materials to refinance your mortgage, we will work with you to decide which loans will help you achieve your financial goals. Then, we'll review the required paperwork, coordinate a home appraisal and evaluate your credit in order to determine if you're eligible for the loan.

Home appraisal

An important part of refinancing a mortgage is getting a home appraisal. This is simply a written estimate of the value of your home, which lenders use to determine what type of loan you qualify for. While other companies may ask you to provide this information, at Colonial Mortgage, we work with a network of licensed home appraisers to deliver the most accurate estimation at no extra charge. This service expedites the home financing process and ensures you'll get the most precise home value. It also means you'll have one less thing to worry about when refinancing your mortgage.

Closing Your New Mortgage

Once you're approved for your new mortgage, the closing process can begin. At that point, the new mortgage becomes your official mortgage of record and the refinance is complete. Your old loan will be paid in full, and you can begin payments toward your new loan..

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