Home Reward Credit

Home Reward Credit will lower the cost to buy or refinance your home and you can be eligible to obtain up to $10,000 in credits to pay your closing cost, and the best is that you don’t have to repay these credits and your interest rate will not increase, we will not add more cost to your loan.

Colonial Mortgage does not act on behalf on any federal or state agencies and for that reason Home Reward Credit does not require income limits.

Home Reward Credit is only for FHA, VA and Conforming loan limits based on county limits. Home Reward Credit is not limited to first time home buyers, you can purchase or refinance your primary residence, second home or investment property. Home reward credit is available for the following professions; law enforcement, medical field, postal workers, educational, active or honorable discharge military personnel, first responders and all city or county employees. At Colonial Mortgage, we believe in giving back to the ones who serve our communities.